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California Well and Easement Dispute Attorney

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Are you involved with a dispute over a well or access to a well in Southern California? Disputes between neighbors can be touchy subjects, and it requires an experienced and skilled attorney to help resolve the genuine issues in a timely and affordable manner. The Sterling Law Offices has served North and East County San Diego and Southern California for over 20 years in well disputes, easement litigation, real estate and civil litigation matters. Mr. Sterling is personable and responsive, and is experienced in resolving well disputes and access to well rights and easements.

Who Is Responsible for Well Maintenance Costs in California?

This can be a complex issue, but there can be several ongoing costs associated with a shared well. Initially, there is a cost to “witch” a well (to locate water and a good location to consider drilling). There are initially costs to drill a well, as well as permits to obtain and ideally legal agreements to be created. It is important that those who share the well, and the property owner where the well is to be located establish a clear understanding of how the well is to be used and maintained, and how associated costs will be borne.

In many cases these issues can become clouded, even between neighbors with the best intentions. It is important to maintain a well to protect the integrity of its walls, and to prevent it from filling with silt or sand. If a well becomes fouled, or if the water table drops over time it may be necessary to re-drill to access the aquifer below and maintain the integrity of the well. It may be necessary to maintain road access to and from the well, and it is important to maintain all permits associated with wells in California.

Contact an Experienced Well Dispute Attorney in Southern California

Have you spent the money to repair or maintain a well or associated access or easement on your property and need assistance collecting appropriate reimbursement from a neighbor? Have you been asked to spend money on a well you share, and are concerned about the costs and what is actually your fair share of the expense?

Protect your legal and financial interests, and regain your peace of mind. At the Sterling Law Group, you have direct access to an attorney with more than 23 years experience in well, easement and civil litigation matters. Randall Sterling will meet with you personally to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances. He will help you to understand the options available to you, and work to resolve the legal issues you are facing.

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