Estate Planning Is Not For The Rich; It Is For The Wise

Learn About The Sterling Law Group

Welcome to The Sterling Law Group. We are an estate planning and real estate law office located just off the Escondido Freeway in south Rancho Bernardo. Our firm was founded by Randy Sterling, who has served his local community for over 35 years as a dedicated and compassionate representative. Randy put down deep roots in this town, raising his six children here and becoming an integral member of community through his outreach and involvement. Throughout his career he has been an advocate, a counselor, a litigator and an adviser for his clients. Today, he continues to help his clients navigate their legal problems in a caring and empathetic manner, focusing on transactional services rather than traditional litigation.

Our firm has expanded to include Randy’s eldest son, Justin Sterling, who assists his father in his capacity as a skilled attorney and researcher in novel estate questions and disputes. Together, they are committed to continuing efforts to best serve their clients, providing an office where people can come to be heard and get their legal issues resolved by a firm that values faith, family and community.

To learn more about our founder, click on his biography link: Randy Sterling

No matter what legal services you need, our team will be happy to help you and your family navigate your situation so that you can have peace of mind.

With Randy, You Can Have Confidence In Your Legal Concerns

With over three decades of experience, Randy is capable of helping you with a broad array of legal issues and cases. His primary area of focus is estate planning, where he assists clients like you with writing a will, establishing trusts, preparing powers of attorney, and drafting advance medical directives. Additionally, Randy assists clients who are overseeing their deceased loved ones affairs and need assistance with tasks such as submitting their estate to probate court or administering the estate. He also can help you when you are in a difficult dispute between beneficiaries or trustees, or when you need to find a compromise between heirs.

Aside from his estate planning work, Randy represents clients involved in real estate transactions and other related matters. He has significant experience in handling cases involving adverse possession claims, both if you need help establishing such a claim and fighting one. You can also seek his help if you are trying to resolve a dispute involving a well on your property or access to one. Randy understands the nuances of California law regarding water rights and can help you resolve your case.

Randy Is Deeply Committed To His Community

Since he settled in the Rancho Bernardo area, Randy has always been committed to staying involved in his community. He currently serves on the board of directors of the San Diego Surf and Soccer Club and was formerly a director of the Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs, Inc. organization. Currently, he serves as a youth judge in connection with the Escondido Police Department and the Escondido Compact, where he works hard to help troubled youths find a way to correct their behavior and improve their lives.

Come And Meet Randy Today

You are always welcome to come down to our office off Rancho Bernardo Road and The Escondido Freeway. Randy’s door is always open to new clients, and he offers free, confidential consultations to everyone interested in working with him. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, you can call our office line at 858-500-1043. You can also send us a message with information about your specific situation if you would prefer to write to us. No matter what you need, we are hear to listen to you and help you. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.