Estate Planning Is Not For The Rich; It Is For The Wise

Speak With An Estate Planning Lawyer To Protect Your Future

Estate planning can present complex legal issues. No one likes to consider the possibility of their own passing; however, you have a responsibility to do this because your family needs to have a plan should you no longer be there for them. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you through this emotionally difficult process, determining the best way to plan your estate so that your family is protected and provided for should the worst come to pass.

Estate planning is critical to protecting your interests, investments and the future security of your family. Whether you were recently married, had a child or are facing retirement, it is always a good time to evaluate or adjust your estate plan. The Sterling Law Group is a Rancho Bernardo law firm that has helped clients with these matters for 35 years, creating, modifying and working to enforce estate plans on behalf of individuals and families. Our founder, Randy Sterling, has spent his entire career serving people in his community with the following:

If you are concerned about your future, or if you think that your estate plan needs to be updated to reflect a recent change in your situation, then you can contact our firm to get the assistance you need.

Let Randy Help You Create Your Estate Plan

Taking a proactive approach to estate planning can ensure that your interests are protected and prevent future disputes. Randy is a lawyer who will take a personalized and comprehensive approach to your case to create a tailored and effective estate plan for you, your family and your business. Before finalizing an estate plan, Randy will explore all your options so that you can make the best decisions to protect your immediate and future interests.

If you would like Randy to help you draft your estate plan or update your estate in light of a recent change in your situation, call our office at 858-500-1043 or send us a message online with a brief description of your situation. We offer free consultations with Randy to discuss your case, so feel free to get in touch with us at no obligation to you. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.