Estate Planning Is Not For The Rich; It Is For The Wise

Probate And Estate Administration Representation That You Can Rely On

Probate is the legal process necessary to distribute assets and finalize all matters of an estate with the supervision of the probate court. Ideally this process would not be difficult, but in some cases, beneficiaries and other interested parties will need legal support to ensure that a will or trust is properly administered. At The Sterling Law Group, our attorneys represent all parties, including executors, personal representatives, and beneficiaries throughout the probate process and when facing a dispute.

Our founder, Randy Sterling, has spent his entire career representing clients in estate and probate matters, and he can help you with your case as well. Randy has more than 35 years of probate experience throughout Southern California. Randy is a compassionate, responsive and proven attorney who will gain a thorough understanding of your unique situation and help to preserve and protect your interests and legal rights.

Randy Can Help You Navigate Probate And Trust Litigation

There are two parties in probate or trust litigation matters: the beneficiary and either the executor or trustee. The beneficiary can be a spouse, child, grandchild, friend or loved one of the decedent. The executor and trustee serve similar purposes; they are designated during the creation of the will or trust as the party responsible for the management and distribution of the assets they have control over. Disputes can arise over many issues associated with the disposition of a will or assets after death, including:

  • Abuse of assets by a stepparent
  • Unfair influence, exploitation or financial abuse of the elderly
  • Disposing of assets by executor or trustee without obtaining fair value (or collusion with another party)
  • Failure of an executor or trustee to meet their fiduciary responsibilities and duties
  • Protection of beneficiary interests outside of the state of California
  • Will challenges
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Challenges to family businesses or succession
  • Real estate or private property (antiques, collections, motor vehicles) valuation and disposition
  • Challenging or replacing an executor or trustee

If you are the executor of an estate or a trustee, you may not have been aware of the extensive personal and financial liabilities to which you are now exposed. Your fiduciary duties can feel overwhelming and at times present complex challenges and reporting requirements. There are deadlines to be met as well as tough decisions to work through and tax ramifications to consider. The estate or trust almost always provides you with the funds you need to obtain counsel from an experienced probate or trust attorney like Randy.

Let Randy Guide You Through Your Case

Protect your legal and financial interests, and regain your peace of mind. At The Sterling Law Group, we ensure you have direct access to an attorney who is adept in probate, trust and estate planning matters. Randy will meet with you personally to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique circumstances. He will help you to understand the options available to you, and work to resolve the legal issues you are facing.

If you are ready to take the next step, then you can call our office today to speak with Randy by dialing 858-500-1043. Alternatively, you can send us a message online with a brief description of your situation and what you need Randy’s help with. We offer free consultations, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today. Home and hospital visits are available upon request.